Friday, June 8, 2018

Masterpiece-The Girl's Alright With Me (1980)


1. The Girl's Alright With Me
2. High On Love
3. Take A Look Around
4. You + Me = Love
5. We Like To Get Down
6. Don't Take Your Love From Me
7. Love Is What You Make It
8. Thank You For Love

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A small sample of the dopeness:

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  1. allright with me
    s he love s
    whole voice in her
    vole vole outside the hole
    ou man
    vole vole all just stay on the air
    to become a melody a milady
    and let fall the sound in the hall of melancholy
    just feel l'accord la corde le corps
    in many languages solved in master peace
    thanks to the rose masterpiece


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