Friday, October 12, 2018

Eric Siday-Sounds Of Now 2 (1971)

Courtesy of Hannes Hu over at the Vinyl Frontier Facebook Group


A1 Wet And Windy 
A2 Hot And Humid 
A3 Heat Wave 
A4 Sunshine 
A5 Goodmorning 
A6 Sunny Day 
A7 Time Tune 
A8 On The Hour A 
A9 On The Hour B
A10 On The Hour C
A11 On The Hour D 
A12 On The Hour E 
A13 On The Hour F 
A14 On The Hour G
A15 Comic Patter 
A16 Blabber Mouth 
A17 Gossip Column 
A18 Pie Eyed Pipers 
A19 Riki Tik
A20 Cartoon Time 
A21 Back Chat A 
A22 Back Chat B 
A23 Back Chat C 
A24 Back Chat D 
A25 Fun Fanfare A
A26 Fun Fanfare B  
A27 Fun Fanfare C 
A28 Complaints Dept. A 
A29 Complaints Dept. B 
A30 Whaat 
A31 HeHaw  
A32 Joke A 
A33 Joke B 
A34 Joke C 
A35 Joke D 
A36 Joke F  
A37 Joke G 
A38 Break For Fun 
B1 Power Play 
B2 Swing Synthesis 
B3 Jazz Theme A 
B4 Jazz Theme B 
B5 Jazz Theme C 
B6 Oil Slick 
B7 Sheik To Sheik 
B8 Water Music 
B9 Pipe Dreams 
B10 The Grapevine 
B11 Lonely Heart 
B12 Thin Ice

A small sample of the dopeness: