Friday, October 5, 2018

Eric Siday-Sounds Of Now 1 (1971)

Courtesy of Hannes Hu over at the Vinyl Frontier Facebook Group


A1 Signitune 
A2 Signitune
A3 Signitune 
A4 Signitune 
A5 Signitune 
A6 Signitune 
A7 Signitune 
A8 Come In A 
A9 Come In B 
A10 Come In C 
A11 Logo Gogo A  
A12 Logo Gogo B 
A13 Logo Gogo C 
A14 Logo Gogo D  
A15 Happy Fanfare 
A16 Nature Trail 
A17 Record Club 
A18 Jazz Cellar  
A19 News Room A 
A20 News Room B 
A21 News Room C 
A22 News Room D  
A23 News Room E 
A24 News Room F 
A25 News Room G 
A26 Sports Desk A 
A27 Sports Desk B 
A28 Football Results 
A29 Racing News A
A30 Racing News B 
A31 Winter Sports A 
A32 Winter Sports B 
A33 Winter Sports C 
A34 Yacht Club A 
A35 Yacht Club B 
A36 Traffication A 
A37 Traffication B 
A38 Traffication C
A39 Helicopter Eyeview 
B1 Talk In 
B2 Typing Pool 
B3 Bubbling Under 
B4 Auto Mobile 
B5 Fly Right
B6 Instant Breakfast 
B7 Starry Eyed 
B8 Sparkler 
B9 Bargain Basement 
B10 Market Place 
B11 Kitchen Concerto 
B12 Inner Man 
B13 Old Fashioned 
B14 Flat Battery Blues 
B15 Cool Explosion 
B16 Prestigious 
B17 Christmassy 
B18 Bullfrog And Nightingale 
B19 Bell Tune

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